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�High School�Report

Name: Julio Francisco Castañon Pizaña

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English VIII

Teacher's name:

Delia Kareny Cárdenas Treviño


1. World Health in the Twenty First Century.


Homework #1, Topic 1. Continuing Ideas.

Date: January 22 Wednesday 2014



Universidad TecMilenio. (2014). Topic 1. Continuing Ideas. Blackboard. Retrieved on January 22 Wednesday 2014, from:

N.A. (2005-2004). Symptoms of Heart Disease. MD, LLD. Retrieved on January 22 Wednesday 2014, from:

Firth, N. (December 31 2013). Replacement artificial heart keeps first patient alive. NewScientis Health. Retrieved on January 22 Wednesday 2014, from:


Make a decision-making based on the development of two different projects related to the prevention and diagnosis of heart problems, citing the reason for the inclination of the project.


This report was carried out as follows:

I made sure to understand the instructions of the work.

I researched from reliable sources about the effectiveness of awareness campaigns and heart transplants.

With the information I collected I drafted the body of the report by the findings.

I justified my position based on the information and made ​​a decision.

Finally I concluded with a reflection of the activity.


The Heart

Some people are born with heart disease. Many people don't realize they suffer from cardiovascular disease until they have chest pain, heart attack, or stroke. These types of problems often require immediate attention and the person needs...