The Controversy over Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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There is an ever growing controversy surrounding stem cell research. First off, stem cells, are the earliest of cells (basically the first cells that are created to form the human body) that give rise to other types of cells, and have the potential to turn into many different types of tissue. They are similar to cells called Totipotent cells, which are considered the master cells of the body, because they contain genetic information needed to create all the cells of the body. So, in other words, stem cell research can go along way to figure out the bodies functions, and disease causing illnesses. Therefore, by using stem cell research, we may one day be able to find and produce a cure for diabetes, Alzheimer's, cancer and Parkinson's disease, and many other illness's.

Some people just don't understand the significant values of this type of research. What if a child's parents just found out that their child has cancer! Scientists did their stem cell research and actually found a cure for this cancer.

With that outcome, this child and thousands of other people in the world were cured. It would actually be a miracle! Thousands and perhaps millions of lives could be saved. This is why we really need to keep doing stem cell research. The outcome of research can possibly help to find a cure for thousands of these deadly sickness's.

Within the past several years, people have been subject to debates over stem cell research, in the news, books and magazines. But no matter what side people are on, they cannot deny the facts involving this type of research. The fact is, that although stem cell research with an embryonic stem cell, does kill a human embryo, (usually a one week old embryo), it will later on provide us...