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"Diaspora : A dispersion of an original homogeneous entity, such as a language or culture: the Diaspora of English into several mutually incomprehensible languages." [Randolph Quirk]


Since ancient times migration has been an important part of human life and has helped in shaping human history and has thus become an integral part. In the modern times circumstances such as political, economical and technological developments have facilitated emigration in response to demand for skills, services or labor or as a consequence of natural or man-made calamities. In the recent past effective developments in the field of information and communication technology have eliminated physical distances and have enabled the people to maintain close and easy contact with their homeland, their loved ones and among themselves. The contemporary processes of global economic and social integration have received a stimulus from the presence of trans-national communities. The role of Diasporas has also achieved significance in view of their adaptability and their dynamism.

Most of the Diasporas tend to play a significant role in the development of the host country. There has been a tremendous upward mobility among the subsequent generations of labor Diasporas of different countries. They have risen to prominent political and economic positions. Thus it can be easily said that Diasporas have made significant contributions in politics, trade, commerce, professions, culture and sports. The most prominent among the Diasporas of the world namely Jewish, Indian, Greek and Polish have played an important role in supporting independence movements in their homelands and in retaining deep attachment to their motherland and its causes. The Chinese Diaspora has been a major force in economic modernization and growth in China.


Regardless of the different historical backgrounds, and present day circumstances of the world's many Diasporas, there are some distinctive features...