Aspects of Psychology

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Behaviorism:Behaviorism is when only things that can be observed are studied. So when something is done visually that is the only thing that can be used to study for the research. An example would be how a child acts in a candy store. The only thing that can be used for studying would be the reactions that the children make from being in the store. So pretty much what it means is, “In the mind of the behaviorist, persons are nothing more than simple mediators between behavior and the environment” (Skinner, 1993, p 428).

Functionalism:Functionalism is when something makes a desire, thought, or pain, which is considered a mental state. The only things are with this function it does not depend on internal factors, only on its main function. By doing this, it is said that the theory of the functionalist is it only determined to the sensory reactions that affect the mental state and behavior.

Cognitive:Cognitive theory is described by psychologists and how human behavior affect the thought process by saying that human beings make logical decisions that make only make sense to them. So an example would be a child falls down off of a chair and the most logical response that the child makes is to cry. Another example would be a child is outside playing for some time during the summer, and the child plays her mouth gets dry, the logical decision that she makes is to get some water.

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