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A Short biography of Poe, Edgar Allan


Poe, Edgar Allan(19 Jan,1809-7 Oct,1849).American short story writer, poet, and critic. Poe is acknowledged as one of the greatest poet with his romantic style of writing in telling the tales of mystery, death and despair. he is considered the inventor of modern detective story. Poe was also the first American who tried to suppose his living by writing alone.

A brief introduction of Poe's works

Poe is a major figure in literature world because of his ingenious, inspiring short stories, poems and critical theories.

Poe is most famous of his short stories, Poe's fiction works are mostly Gothic, a style he followed to please the major audiences. His short stories which often based on murder, mystery, madness and despair, are dark, gloomy and full of shocking twists. The " Murders in the Rue Morgue" is considered the father of the modern detective story, it begins with a mother and her daughter being brutally murdered inside a locket room, the police arrest a suspicious man but many believe the man is innocent because there are no evident.

A detective and his friends begin to investigate the case deeply and discover that the man is not only the murder but he may not be human at all. The story presents a mystery of a impossible murder, known as the first "locked-room mystery." Another famous story of Poe is "The Tell-Tale Heart", Through a unnamed narrator's confession of his murder to an old man he lives with, Poe reveals the process of a man's spiraling into madness. Other renown stories of Poe include "The Fall of the House of Usher",

Unlike Poe's short stories which mostly follow Gothic, Poe's poems are diverse in style. Some of his poems are dark and mysterious;some are romantic,