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Astronomers are building a very large telescope (VLT). The VLT is actually made up of four large telescopes. It has lens that are 26 feet wide.

This is going to be the world's largest telescope. Interferometry is what is used to refract the light into the eyepiece so that the astronomers can see things on the moon that are as small as 3 feet long. The astronomers are looking forward to using their new VLT to do many things.

Some of the astronomers believe that this telescope may even solve mysteries of the universe. There are astronomers that don't believe in God or in creation. They think that a meteorite may have hit the Earth and that the original elements carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen may have mixed. If these elements didn't combine again, then there would be no free oxygen for us (humans) to breath. Instead of just ammonia, methane, water, and hydrogen, the blast of energy cause the strong bonds in water to break apart and cause the hydrogen and oxygen to separate which then made it possible for plants, and animals to live.

There research may help to prove this hypothesis. This is one way the telescope would help solve a mystery of the Earth.

This very expensive telescope is located on top of the Paranal Mountain top. This mountain is located in Chile's Andean desert. This mountain was chosen because of it clear night skies and dry weather. It is clear 350 nights a year. The project of building the telescope cost $500 million and is funded by European observatories. These eight observatories had to fight land claimants who eventually won a $7 million lawsuit. The observatories almost had to take their building project to Namimbia. The telescope is now in use and is...