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Many people, like myself, have looked to their horoscope for their daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly personal forecasts. I have always been fascinated with the whole study of the zodiac and astrology. Over the years my interest in it has led me to occasionally read about it, therefore I have grown to acquire a small amount of knowledge on the subject. I chose to research this paper on the basis of wanting to find out a few things on where, how, and when astrology was derived. I also wanted to find out more in-depth and detailed information on the zodiac and how it works. I began my work with finding information on astrology and its place in the scientific field.

Astrology could be defined as the supposed influences of the stars and planets on human affairs and terrestrial events by their positions and aspects (Webster 69). Though closely related, astrology is not astronomy.

In fact the two are separated into two different fields of study because astronomy is the scientific study of the stars while astrology is considered merely an art or practice. "Indeed, in the seventeenth century, Sir Isaac Newton remarked to a disparaging astronomer, 'the difference between us, Mr. Halley, is that I have investigated this topic, whereas you have not.' In turn, would it be unwarranted for us to try to form an opinion on this matter and attempt to examine the underlying principles of astrology, so that we may determine whether it should be regarded as a pseudo-science?" (Nesle 7). Though scientists are skeptical and refer to astrology as "complete nonsense" (Royer 28), it is not bare fact that astrology cannot be considered a science.

Someone might ask, "Why would astrology be argued about being a science in the first place? Who and when would...