Patterns In the Sky

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Patterns in the Sky

Thesis Statement: Constellations were devised by man to help them from the simplest thing, such as telling stories, to things that are important to our lives today, such as determining time.


We are always filled with countless questions about Earth and everything that is beyond it. Do you remember as a child when you just paused for a while and stared up at the night sky filled with hundreds and thousands of bright, twinkling lights? These are the stars we so often sing about in the nursery song 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star', but are these stars really little? Due to curiosity, people studied stars and everything beyond the Earth, the people who study the celestial bodies in the sky are referred to as astronomers. Early astronomers noticed patterns in the night sky which the stars formed. With further observations, they found out that these patterns, which they called constellations, can be helpful in their daily lives.

Constellations are patterns in the sky which served many purposes in the daily lives of people.

Brief History of Astronomy

Astronomy, the study of celestial bodies, has been a study since prehistoric times as it is the oldest science in all of the sciences. Celestial bodies were present for millions and billions of years ago where ancient civilizations observed them not only due to curiosity but because they witnessed the changes daily or in a cycle. The people of ancient societies saw possible practicality in studying the heavens. They applied the rising and setting of celestial bodies in determining the time and seasons which aided them in their main livelihood which is agriculture, at the time (Bennett 35-37).

The Greek philosophers are often considered to have given a great amount of contribution in Astronomy. The Greeks...