Athens and Sparta: Classic Civilizations

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Evaluating The Classical Title for Athens & Sparta

For something to be considered classical, it has to be outstanding in a certain category and be remembered by future generations for its innovating and revolutionary achievements. From that moment forward, that classical anything would mark a development in future generations to come. That is the case with Athens & Sparta. Athens for the way they revolutionized government in a city and Sparta for their one of a kind military and tactics. The creation of a democratic government by Athens has to be considered classic because it is still used today and it was created nearly 2500 years ago. The parts of the Athenian government that is still being used today include ; being 18 years old to vote, voting in districts, representation by population, council of representatives, and limits on the amount of terms for a leader.

For these concepts to be carried on though generation and generation for that long can't be anything less than classical. The same goes for Sparta and their military advances. Many countries adapted the Spartan idea of having an elite group of soldiers and improved upon that idea of only using them in certain situations when a leader or high value target needed to be taken out. If something is truly classical it will never be forgotten and continuously built upon.

In ancient times, Greece, was not a single country. There were a lot of individual colonies, called city-states. Of those city-states, Athens and Sparta were acknowledged as the most powerful. In Sparta, people lived a very rigours militant based life. Their government was revolved around the needs of the army more than the needs of a citizen because citizens were in the...