Atomic Energy

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Basics of Atomic energy, including facts on how atomic energy is created Lost about 10 points, not far enough in depth(this was a science fair and I did not apply myself to "his" standards)

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Harry Manoni

Science Fair - Atomic Energy

December 2, 1996

Mr. Morgan

Atomic Energy

Atomic Power. Devastation. Destruction. Danger.

These are 3 common words that is often misleading and tangled up with atomic power.

The 3 'D's that I just stated make atomic power look cruel. Misleading because in fact

atomic energy is very clean and extremely useful. There are, however, many questions to

be answered in atomic energy. Like, for example, how does it work? What are its major

uses and how did it come about? And most importantly, what is the reality of the

'Danger' we often associate with it? There are many other questions, but in my report I

will try to answer these basic questions.

Nuclear power is very important in the US, among other countries. First, it aids with

electric output. In fact, 12% of all of our electrical energy comes from nuclear power.

The US in #1 in the consumption of electrical energy in the world with 10 to the 9th

power x 1,614 kilowatt hours. Russia places second on the list. With 78 power plants

producing electrical energy by atomic fission, the US is quite dependent on atomic

energy. The world also depends on atomic energy, Russia being heavily involved with

atomic power. The production of electricity is probably the most important

advantage/use of atomic power. Secondly, atomic power plants require less land

compared to coal. Also, they do not release harmful chemicals into the air. The only

form of pollution that an atomic power plant produces is thermal, which can be reused or

cooled. Radioactivity,