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Hunting is not only a sport, it's a favorite past time. A lot of people think that its done just for fun, but it's not. Most people just enjoy going out into the great outdoors. Others just enjoy spending time by yourself.

There are many diferant types of guns you can use to hunt with. You also could go the old traditional way and use a bow. There are diferant laws for every state. Some states only allow you to use rifles or shotguns; others just don't care. There are many calibers for rifles; .22, 30-06, .308, 30-30, .450, and so on and so on. A caliber is measured in one-hundreths of an inch. Shotgun don't have as broad of a range. The don't have calibers, they have gauges. 12 gauge, 16, 10, 8, 20, 28, and 410. The smaller the gauge, the bigger the barrel. Muzzle loaders now come in two styles; traditional and inline.

The traditional is the old "Davy Crocket". The inline is the modern age which is easier to load and use. The inline you can use actual bullet shaped balls while the traditional you can only use balls. Bows come in three types; compound, cross, and traditional. Traditional are the old indian bows. Compound have pulleys that make it easier to hold after you get it past a certain point. Crossbows are almost like a gun. They have a trigger and are shaped like a gun. They shoot arrows that are half the size of normal arrows. Arrows are made out of many things now; anything from wood to carbon.

There are many ways to hunt and whatever is best for you is your way. Everyone hunts diferantly and use diferant stuff. You just have to find whats right for you.