Attack on the second amendment. Struggle between legal gun owners and capital hill.

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"We must not allow other people's limited perceptions to define us." (Virginia Satir) Today, most owners of weapons are painted with an image. An image that they are a potential catastrophe waiting to strike an innocent victim. The only victim here, is the legal law abiding Americans.

Currently, law makers are attempting to destroy the second amendment. The second amendment gives the right to Americans to bear and keep arms. Since the conception of the bill of rights, this has been a very crucial right. The right to bear arms and protect oneself is an extremely important idea, and is very time honored. From hunting to sport shooting, to carrying as self protection, it has become a very close part of life.

Lawmakers are making it increasingly difficult to anyone to purchase firearms. Recent lawsuit, dubbed the NAACP Suit of July 1999, which reached the highest courts of New York.

"Basically this action called for the removal of all hand guns and semi-automatic rifles from any gun dealership, and to have all current owners of semi-automatic weapons re-register with the NYS Firearm Database." (Cadson, 4) This document is still under review. If passed, this law would have a major negative effect on the manufacturers of the weapons, as well as potential owners seeking these weapons. "It is shown that the majority of weapons used in violent crimes are obtained in a illegal manner, such as stealing them or on the black market. Weapons obtained in a legal manner are a much lower percentage in violent crimes involving weapons." (Smith, 1) This proves the common misconception that most legal owners of weapons are going to commit a violent crime.

Another argument is the Second amendment is outdated. The amendment was created in a time where state militias were necessary...