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The issue over gun control in America is a topic with heated debate among many Americans. Crimes are committed everyday and are increasing daily tremendously due to easy access to "dangerous"� firearms. Annually, about 13,000 deaths are caused due to guns, and there have been over 440,000 crimes committed with firearms in 2000. The crime rate in schools across America has also risen dramatically. Dangerous crimes and senseless deaths occur more and more each year due to such easy access of firearms. Many factors contribute to the illegal use of firearms; drug and alcohol abuse, disintegrating family values, and media violence. Sadly, the public is split on how to combat the problem.

There are two sides on this heated debate. One side wants to keep the laws that are in place and just strengthen them. These are most likely to be the republicans or the conservatives. As leader of the "free world"� and Republican, George W.

Busch hopes to make legislation to have "vigorous punishment and prosecution for those who illegally sell, buy, or use firearms to commit crimes."� President Busch's main goal is to keep weapons out of the hands of juveniles and criminals, and at the same time protect Americans constitutional rights to bear arms. Busch and many other republicans feel the need to put restrictions on the unsafe use of firearms.

On the other side, there are those who feel that there are laws that are not good at all, and new laws should be created regarding this issue. These people would most likely to be democrats. Democrats want to make laws that would make it much tougher to purchase firearms, and keep the firearms out of the hands of people who have committed crimes or that are too young. Also, they would also want to...