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Samua Colt. A Man and His Gun

A Man and His GunsThe Colt six shooter will always be a legend to many fighting men. Whether youknow it as an accu ... he was six and his father's business started to fail. When Colt Coltwas seven, he was fascinated by guns. He took apart his father's gun in a field and wasable to successfully rebuild it. At the age o ... model of his ideal gun while he was at sea. None of what Colt may havepreviously seen on revolving guns could have led to his invention. His ideas were notcopied from any source, even though the revo ...

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Position Paper on The Police Exception and the Domestic Abuse Law

ce amendended. Officers have recently been added to the list of people who are not allowed to carry guns in public if they have been convicted of Domestic Abuse. Some precincts are outraged, however t ...

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crime and acts of violence more than ever. News stories of kids killing kids and students carrying guns to school are common throughout America. Since 1985, more than 28,500 of America's youth have d ... chool are common throughout America. Since 1985, more than 28,500 of America's youth have died from gunshot wounds and today, every 90 minutes a child is killed from a firearm( ). Before people used t ...

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How Guns Work

How Guns WorkA gun is a weapon that uses the force of an explosive propellant to project a missile.Guns ... y were in use by the early 14th century and were common place in Europe by mid-century. These early guns were nothing more than large calibre cylinders of wrought iron or cast bronze, closed at one en ... zzle, or open end.Nowadays firearms are a little more sophisticated.However, the physics behind all guns remain the same. Weapons such as cannons, shotguns and rifles, work on the basic idea of conser ...

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Gun Control?

d for years to come. There are many different views of what causes crime. Some say crimes caused by guns and others say that it is the people behind the guns. In James Q. Wilson's essay entitled "Just ... ay that it is the people behind the guns. In James Q. Wilson's essay entitled "Just Take Away Their Guns", he tries to propose some solutions that would solve the gun control debate. Of course, every ...

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Rogerian Argument - handguns in US

For some time now the question of whether or not handguns should be legal to allcitizens has haunted our society. Is it morally right for anyone to carry ... gunusers for some time and will probably continue for some time longer.There are people who say handguns in the home can only cause unneededaccidents. There have been several incidents where a child i ... injured themself or others. Also there have been occasions wherecareless gun owners have left their guns loaded and someone was shoot accidentally.Studies show that four people die each day because of ...

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Gun Control in Canada

ting clubs. The people who oppose the gun control laws are the ones who will have to register their guns, and are the people who are never any part of the crime problem in the first place. Criminals w ... lem in the first place. Criminals will always find ways to get their hands on illegal, unregistered guns, and if failing to do that, will manage to find even more dangerous methods to commit crimes. T ...

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Gun control

ask yourself; for what reason does the government want to restrict law abiding citizens from owning guns? Certainly government is not so naive to think criminals will adhere to gun control laws. There ... ive for gun control. After all, people would be easier to control if they were defenseless. Banning guns to reduce crime makes as much sense as banning alcohol to reduce drunk driving.Gun control is b ...

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Gun Control in America: a new approach at an issue that is becomming an epidemic. Possible solutions and the costs of those solutions.

at needs some immediate legislative attention if it is to be remedied.Thesis: Injury and death from guns is a serious and widespread problem that is caused due to easy access to guns in America and a ... The prevention method can be applied to this issue as well, in the reduction of the availability of guns, the adoption of a nationwide gun policy in America, and stricter enforcement of existing gun l ...

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Answering Americas Call. The role of America today

ctronics could provide. The strongest country in the world was the one with the most men. Then came guns, then nuclear weapons, and finally computers. No longer do we need to send most of our country' ...

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"The Season Opener" this is a creative writing that uses the five senses to express the first game of the softball season.

ould be fought with bats, balls, and gloves unlike others that were fought with spears, swords, and guns. While we waited to begin, three things crossed my mind: my anticipation, my preparation, and t ...

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Gun control in The States

An issue today that is split down the middle of the country is gun control.Some people seeguns as threats to their safety and others see it as an essential tool of life in todays crimeplague ... differ wildly with both the people who wrote theirrespective essays.One is person who wants to see guns in the hands of everyone one and theother one is someone who is to paranoid to control herself. ...

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Dress code in public schooling in America

ype of skirt or dress for girls, baggy clothing would be eliminated whichcould hide weapons such as guns or knives. Fights also break out in schools because of theway students dress. Negative comments ...

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Gun control

eel that the issue of gun control will limit crime, the issue should not exist due to the fact that guns are sometimes seen as being necessary for self defense against crime, and by enforcing gun cont ... nst crime, and by enforcing gun control is violating a citizens second amendment right to bear arms.Guns are evil to some, because of the violence that they cause. People express guns as weapons of vi ...

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Arguement why guns should be outlawed in society. Cited work and bibiography of cited work. A good outline and base with good beliefs and opinions.

One of the biggest issues in the United States today seems to be gun control. Handguns should be outlawed with the exception of law enforcement purposes due to the injuries and death ... d ill tempered to be trusted with weapons. How would we even begin to go about confiscating all the guns in society today?The law enforcement agencies of this country have stated that most firearm own ... people need take into consideration when they start their crusade against the evils of firearms.Handguns lead to a deadly force for children and many are killing each other all across America. Handgun ...

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Gun Control in the U.S

des. When the revolt was over, the fore fathers had risen to victory through the use of warfare and guns. They then decided to make a bill stating the basic rights that every man in the country could ... od, and preserve their rights, from all threats. However, in these times of increased violence with guns and wild over population, is keeping guns available too dangerous to be continued? If so, how c ...

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Children of the Sun- A fantasy short story about a young girl and her brother living on a foreign planet.

floor. Then it hit him. Like the blow of one of Kyrria's awful barbaric border guards' neuralizing guns. Lela hadn't had any sun in days, for she had been wherever they were for a lot longer than he. ...

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Gun Control (an issue that effects us all)

improperly, a gun could be lethal to not only the target, but the user as well. Theavailability of guns has sky rocketed in the past decade or so, and the immense populationof guns in our society mak ... aled by the House of Representatives. On march 22,1996 another big legislation in the fight against guns was the Brady bill, which demands a5 day waiting period for all handgun purchases. These legisl ...

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Gun Control

The problem with guns is fairly straightforward: Guns make it easy to kill or injure a person. This weapon that so ma ... e of the percentages and death rates is the U.S.Gun control aims to keep high risk people away from guns while not putting much of a burden on law abiding citizens. Guns should not only be restricted ... took one to school every day which translates to more than 100,000 students! That alone proves that guns are too easily accessible and should be much more restricted.Now, we all know what the Second A ...

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Fight Club: The repression of masculinity and its effects on society.

hat masculine side he has lost and reclaim it into him."And suddenly I realize that all of this the guns, the bombs, the revolution, has something to do with a girl named Marla Singer." - Narrator. Ma ...

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