Australia's forests.

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Australia's forests are recognised worldwide for their beauty and rich array of life forms. Their diverse beauty ranges from the ancient forests of Tasmania, to the rainforests of Queensland, to the giants of southwest Western Australia. However, over the last 3 decades as methods for cutting down wood have been developed, to allow more to be felled in less time to provide easier living for all of us, these Forests have dramatically decreased in size. As a result many controversial issues have arisen.

Australia has an alarmingly high rate of deforestation and this is greatly due to the need for paper and the products made from it. Millions of trees every year were cut down in Australia and the future effects this would have on the environment went seemingly unnoticed. But as years went on the public realisation of the effects of deforestation grew and it became one of the largest issues on Governments agenda's across the World.

A tree takes decades to grow however it only takes seconds to be cut down.

Deforestation has and still causes terrible impact on the millions of life forms like animals, plants, and even microorganisms that depend upon and sustain the forests, as well as contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

In my study of paper recycling in Australia, it is obvious that this is one of the most contradictive topics I have encountered. Protestors demonstrate against large corporations and the deforestation they cause and preach about how we should conserve the forests and recycle. Yes what they are doing is very commendable but when you look closer the many thousands of papers they hand out and stick up on walls are yes indeed straight from that Reflex packet. As these packets like so many other products keep being bought...