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Cattle, that is the easy way of saying domesticated herbivorous mammals that constitute the genus. Some of the ways you can use cattle are: meat, milk, leather, glue, and gelatine. Cattle are divided into two species: B. Taurus, those came from Europe and are the most common breeds of dairy and beef cattle. The second specie is called B. indicus that came from India and usually have a hump placed right between their shoulder blades.


Some characteristics of cattle are: they are Artiodactyls, which means they are even-toed hoofed mammals, they have four-compartmented stomachs, and have a decreasing number of teeth, with the upper incisors missing. They have unbranched horns that do not shed.

Dairy cattle are a curtain breed of cattle that's only purpose is to produce milk. On average they can produce 14,640 lb of milk and 534 lb of butterfat. Some of the more common breeds of dairy cattle are Holstein, Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, and Jersey.

The Holstein originated from Holland and Ayrshire came from Scotland. The Holstein breed of dairy cattle normal is the biggest. A full-grown mature cow ways at least 1,500 lb. Dairy cattle are a very big part of the Canadian exports.


Beef cattle are a curtain breed of cattle that's main purpose is to produce meat for the enjoyment of human's worldwide. Some of the major breeds are Angus, Charolais, and Shorthorn. The Angus are usually black in color and are polled. The Charolais are white or cream in color and the Shorthorn are red, white, or a mixture of the two. These types of cattle are adapted to fit their climate better so they produce more meat.

Dairy Breeds

Some of the main breeds of dairy cattle are Holstein-Friesian, Brown Swiss, and Guernsey. The Holstein-Friesian breed...