Autism Week 3

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Running Head: Autism Week 3

Autism Week 3

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Autism Week 3


They contacted a local organization that provides behavior therapy based on the theory of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) - where behavior rewarded is more likely to be repeated than behavior ignored. He receives therapy 40 hours/week both at home and school. At school JC is shadowed by a therapist. He also visits a speech therapist and an occupational therapist twice a week. The parents do not want to put him on any medication. Since JC is intolerant and allergic to certain foods, he is on a special diet suggested by his intuitionalist. He also takes nutritional supplements (B12, Vitamin C, cod liver oil, etc) to ensure proper nutrition.


Being on the special diet has shown significant changes as compared to when he was not on the special diet. He is less hyper and irritable, and his attention span has also improved.

He has shown lots of improvement over the last two years. He went from completely non verbal to using single words to ask for something. At home he is constantly prompted to use his words when asking for something. He also uses the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), which provides a way of communicating for children like JC, and helps get language started. He hands a picture of a desired item to the provider and receives the item in exchange. He also uses PECS at school with his teacher and the therapist that shadows him. JC will not be using the PECS book for very long because his language skills have improved beyond the capabilities of the system. He can say most of the words in his book. He also gets to be part of a play date every other weekend. This...