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I was born on a snowy day in a Moscow clinic on 5th July, 1991, weighing 4.095 kilos, and measuring almost 70cm. According to my mother I had no-hair and hazel eyes, which is strange because now I have thick, black, curly hair. I had chubby arms and legs, so chubby that my mum used to call me a teddy bear.

Both my parents are in business, my mother Marianna Oganova, is from Moscow and was born on 11/06/69 and later on in her life, she decided to study stenography, which was a very highly paid job in Moscow, at that time. On the other hand, my father Armen Oganov who was born on 14/06/66 in Tbilisi studied aeronautic engineering.

Out of my parents, I look more like my father but I have been described as a male version of my mother. My father is the most logical met that I have ever met; he is a very keen snooker player and at the age of 17 took part in the snooker championship.

Apparently, he did well, coming 4th.

During the time spent in Moscow, I remember very little about anything apart from going to school. Something that stands out very vividly in my mind is what a powerful and dynamic person my mother’s father was, and how sad it was at hearing of his tragic death, (1998). Another thing that sticks in my mind was the sudden death of my mum’s sister- Christina Metreveli in a car crash. At that time of her death I was living in a miserable place- Czech Republic with both my parents. Having spent a year there, I went back to Russia glad to be back at my old school with my friends. Unfortunately, this didn’t last long, within three years I found myself...