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"Your simply incorrigible" replied Babe's wife. For years, the great baseball player "Babe Ruth" has been called this, Yet despite these remarks Babe also possessed a humble heart towards children. Then on the other hand Babe possessed the attribute of being brutal and incorrigible. In this essay I will discuss these so distant characteristics that "The Great Bambino" owned.

Many loved "The Great Bambino". For several reasons why. Unfortunately only the children saw this good side of him. It was when Babe Ruth stopped by the orphanage to equip the children with brand new shoes that really shocked the children. For not only did the children see a great baseball player but also a fastidious man. But Babe was also abandoned in his life. And that's what led many to believe why he was such an altruistic man. Many loved the man and a lot hated him but none of that mattered as long as the children idolized him it was worth it.

It was also when Babe Ruth was coming home from a football game. That a man burst out of the audience and yelled " my boy, my boy… he's dying, just sign this it would mean the world to him" but not only did he sign the ball but he also visited him in the hospital After a eccentric conversation with Johnny Sylvester. Babe promised to hit a home run for the kid but Johnny Sylvester declined he didn't only want one home run he wanted two. So Babe laughed and promised, in the next game Babe did do that for him. And more, after the much-anticipated home run Babe ran to the microphone and told him to get better, and he did.

On the other hand Babe owned the characteristic of...