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Garcia, Monica TR 11:00 5261 #77 Bach The piece I chose to examine was the Brandenburg Concerto No.4, composed by John Sebestian Bach. As I was listening to the piece, I realized that I actually recognized several elements, which we have discussed in class. The tempo of this piece is relatively quick and upbeat. The pitch level was moderately high which I recognized as the violin. I also heard an organ playing a lower pitch level, which was harmonizing the sounds of the violin. Many instruments came into play throughout this piece, which I thought, created an enjoyable harmonizing sound. As the piece continued, I noticed many dynamic changes. It began with a loud and strong beginning and at times it would descend down to a softer tone. After this I noticed it quickly descending up. I heard a constant rhythm throughout most of the piece; however, at times it slowed down to put more emphasis on the instruments being played as an accent mark.

I noticed that the violin had a pleasant sound production, which clearly exemplified Bach's expression. The timbre of the violin and organ create a different color. The piece ends with a slight tempo change and continuous harmony occurring with the higher ad lower pitches reinforcing each other in consonance