Back To School: The Best Decision I Have Ever Made

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I have been out of high school for three years now. I have had many jobs ranging from a cashier at Home Depot to being a teller at a bank and I haven't been happy with any of them. I always told myself I would never go to college because it would be to much work. I figured I would do fine with a high school diploma. A lot of things caused me to change my mind.

I have had many jobs ranging from a cashier at Home Depot to being a teller at a bank. I haven't been happy at any of them. I found that I needed to further my education so that some day I could run my own business. I know it isn't an easy thing to do and getting a degree in business will certainly help me have an idea as to where I should start.

Another reason I am back in school is that I can barely afford my bills I have now. Even if I decide I don't want to own my own business I would like to have a decent paying career. I have found that it is very difficult to get a high paying job without a college degree.

I think the main thing that caused me to go to college is needed to prove to myself that I can do well in school. I never tried very hard in high school so I never got very good grades. I used to think college would be to hard for me. Although it is somewhat difficult I am not doing so bad. It just takes a lot of studying and paying attention to my teachers.

Going back to school is probably the best decision I have ever made. It is a great...