Bad Day On Mountain

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It was a calm clear day in early June. My friends and I camped below Longs Peak in Colorado in a lush green meadow with a Lake nestled in the northwest corner of it. Over a dinner of refried beans and burgers we decided to climb Longs Peak the following day. Longs Peak has been known for decades as a dangerous precipitous mountain which has claimed the lives of many men and women. As the sun rose higher in the sky and the birds began to sing we prepared our selves for the climb to come. We had our climbing gear for the precipitous parts and a two way radio in case of emergency. With that we set off in my 1981 Pimped out Chevy Pickup we parked at the base of the mountain. And began our assent. It was very steep so we had to rest and snack quite often especially for Frank who was larger than the rest of us.

The sky began to cloud over with black ominous clouds as if a warning to turn us back but we were only a couple of hundred feet from the summit of the mountain so we did not turn back. As we neared the summit I noticed some strange round objects descending toward earth "hey Mike" I yelled "what are those objects in the sky?" Mike looked up and said "they remind me of something I saw once in an Alien Movie". We waited for the others to catch up and then I got out my 50x Binoculars and looked at the strange objects which appeared to be UFO's. The realization that they were UFO's stuck us like a thunder bolt. Joe who was always thinking of easy money first thought was pictures. But John the realist said "what if they are coming to attack so maybe we should warn people". So I got out my 2 way radio and tried calling out but something was strangely wrong with it. We immediately began a rapid decent down the mountain several times I slipped and almost fell. As we neared the bottom we saw the strange creatures vaporizing campers and there equipment about a mile away! "UH, OH"! We thought. Soon after we reached my truck where we notified authorities on my radio there. We raced off toward the nearest town Estes Park, Co. We had gone only a couple of miles when Frank said "Go Faster they are behind us and gaining". I floored my truck but a few seconds later we all saw a blinding flash and my truck jolted to a stop. That was the last thing I remember until I woke up in a hospital. I asked a lot of questions and found out me and my friends were in the Denver Hospital and 30 hours had passed since we had seen the blinding flash. I watched TV to see the havoc caused by the unearthly creatures, thankfully the law enforcement got them under control. Our injuries were thankfully minor so we were released the following day, later we were awarded plaques and also a large cash reward for our warning call.