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Baderman Island Infrastructure and Intranet Project



1Baderman Island Infrastructure and Intranet Project �

3Background Statement of Need �

3Project Objectives �

5Mission and Goals of Project �

6Project Plan �

7Project Organization �

9Task/Responsibility Matrix �

11Work Breakdown Structure �

11Task Flow Network/Critical Path �

12Project Schedule �

14Project Reporting �

15Cost Plan �

17Project Baseline �

17Performance Measurement �

18Project Evaluation and Reporting �

19Project Termination �

22References �

23Appendix A �

24Appendix B �



9Figure 1: Task Responsibility Matrix �

11Figure 2: Work Breakdown Structure �

12Figure 3: Critical Path �

15Figure 4: Cost Plan �

23Figure 5: Project Organizational Chart �

24Figure 6: Cost Summary �


Background Statement of Need

Baderman Island is an all inclusive resort located off the shores of the Kelsey River is home to a wide variety of restaurants and three different hotels.

When visiting Baderman Island guests will have access to a large selection of entertainment and activities that are guaranteed to keep to all guests relaxed and occupied. When visiting Baderman Island guests can choose to reside at the Baderman Main Hotel, The Tenney, or Melancon Convention Center and Hotel.

In order to continue operating at optimal efficiency, several problems need to be immediately addressed:

Upgrading of the currently network and infrastructure.

Implementation of a new HR system, which will be accessible from the organization's intranet.

Development of an organizational wide intranet.

By performing the listed upgrades, Baderman Islands will be able to address the needs of all current and future employees, implement new performance management systems, and lay the foundation to expand future internet and intranet-based services to guests and employees.

The successful completion of the projects will place Baderman in a position to...