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Supanat Suntrontarawong

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Study of literature

Ballad Ballad was one of the ways to see how people believe and live in the past. Ballad which is kind of song became to be popular and easy to understand, because of using rhythm words, refrain, and personification. In that time, there were hardly literate people and no paper. Moreover, ballad definitely gives several ideas too particularly tragic. From ' Study of Literature' subject gives me many ballads to study about how people thinking and language using.

First is morality. After reading The Cruel Mother, this ballad gives me think about morality. The babies were killed by their mother. Maybe she has new lover so she need to kill them. In the last stanza colors picture about heaven and hell. It absolutely shows about you deserve what you do. To make people fear making a sin. If you do a good thing, you will go to heaven. However, doing bad things make you go to hell instead. Second is loyalty. In Sir Patrick Spens shows about loyalty. The king commanded Sir Patrick to fetch his daughter. The king intentionally made this fake journey. He will dead in the sea because of terrible weather. However, The honest knight did not have choices expect going for it. Sir Patrick bravely accepted to fetch the princess, even though it was impossible to achieve. It is one of the saddest stories I ever read. Third is obedience from Lucy Gray, William Wordsworth. The father told Lucy to find her mother in the town. Then, she went out with one lantern. Unfortunately, the storm seized her and she lost her way in the mountain. Her parents looked all night to find her. At daylight, they found Lucy's footprint came upon a bridge but there is not...