Banning Smoking

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Banning Smoking People are dying from smoking cigarettes, and over 430,000 people die from smoking each year in the United States.( Price,1999,Pg14) This fact might sound a little dull by now to most of the people. However, not many people actually notice that :smoking causes more deaths than fires, auto crashes, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, AIDS, murders and suicides combined all together in one year.(, Northeastern University) Doesn・t this fact sound scary? Smoking itself creates more death than many other major death-caused possibilities combined together. On the other hand, although many people actually know all the danger and negative effects caused by smoking, they still keep on smoking because of the nicotine in the cigarettes that results into addiction.(Murphy, 1999, Pg16) Therefore, we should start to take action instead of telling people how bad smoking is since everyone knows it or is addicted already. The best way is to ban smoking right away because we really need to stop the harmful effects that smoking brings to smoker, non-smokers and the society, and before more and more people are influenced by advertisement and peer pressure, we should ban it as soon as possible.

Many opponents against banning smoking have suggested that banning smoking would have a negative effect on the American economy and tobacco farmers.(, Northeastern University) They think that banning smoking would have a profound negative effect on economy since there are just too many people who smoke in the US. Then, if those tobacco transaction activities stop suddenly, they think the economy would be in a serious danger.(Brenna, 1999, Pg10) This argument is not totally reliable because there is not any strong scientific evidence that can support this consequence. Even if our economy is actually in a serious danger after we ban smoking, we can...