The Baroque Time

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The Reformation as well as the Renaissance caused a lot of trouble to the church along with the Catholic system at the 16th century. And when the artistic movement of the Renaissance and the Reformation turn into something we called “the Baroque”, the church had to do something in respond of the success of the Protestantism and the Reformation . Lawrence in his book Culture and Values A Survey of the Humanities, said that “ the Catholic Church decided that the best defense was a well-planed attack” (371) ,and they did a lot of thing to retrain the revolution of the Protestantism.

Firstly, “the council redefined Catholic doctrines and reaffirmed those dogmas that Protestantism had challenged” (371). There will be no more question about the doctrines since the Catholic are always right, as they said, and for those who oppose them is wrong and evil like Martin Luther :”Pope Leo X (Giovanni de Medici, son of Lorenzo the Magnificent) condemned Luther’s teaching as heretical” (338).

They made their doctrines become publicity, made people understand them , let them know that the doctrines were not so bad as the Protestantism said and they said the problem is that “you” , the people at that time, were not be able to understand the Catholic’s goodness. It was really important for the “Catholic system of faith”.

Secondly, their constructions were changed as well. Since “The Pope remained as monarchical ruler of the church” (371) as the old time, the power of father as well as the Bishop were lessened as well. Before that time, the Priests had the right to do almost everything but no more now. They signed them , the priest, with the specific jobs and they just had to do everything to succeed that job only. They could no...