Baseball: A National Pastime

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Baseball today is a sport which everyone enjoys. This national pastime will always play a major role in American culture. Most countries have a game which requires a sort of stick and a ball. The most widely known sport involving these things is cricket. "While the exact origins of baseball are unknown, most historians agree that it is based on the English game of rounders "(Encarta, 1). Baseball is a game played with a ball "made of yarn wrapped around a rubber and cork core" (Sharp, 1). Baseball is one of the oldest and popular sports around. The game today attracts millions of fans to their stadiums and draws even more to the radio and television.

A baseball game is has nine innings which are basically periods. The innings are divided into two sections the top and the bottom. During each section the teams take turns at batting. In order to end the other teams turn at bat the other team must get three of the opposing team's batters or runners out.

To get a player out the team must tag the person out, throw the ball to the base before the runner gets there, or catch a fly ball. The team with the most players scoring at the end of nine innings wins. A play starts when the pitcher "standing 60ft 6in away" (Encarta, 3) throws the ball across the plate where the batter on the opposing team stands. In order to get on base the batter tries to hit the ball into the field. Another way the batter can get on base is by being thrown four unhittable balls ¬located outside the strike zone are called balls. The strike zone is from the batters knees to the letters across the front of his uniform. If the ball is...