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Basta! Basta, enough is enough. No more suffering, no more pain and sorrow.

No more poverty or ignorance. We are here to take a stand. On the basis of our beliefs and our governmental rights. We feel that we have been violated, segregated from the general population and picked on by governmental officials.

We have been taken advantage of and are here to fight off oppression and defend what is rightfully ours. Despite all odds we are here to succeed where others have failed. With great leadership and togetherness on our side, only days await our new revolution. We dare to declare war on the Mexican Government, Federal army, NAFTA, the neo-liberlism, and are the first to challenge the world to act on our demands.

On January 1, 1994, the Zapatista National Liberation Army took up arms against the Mexican government. It was also ironic that this date marked the first day of the North American Free Trade Agreement. One that many claimed to be the end to all Indian civilizations in Chiapas. One of their many moves during the revolt was to round up police officers, burn all land sale records and to mount armed blockades on every street corner. Their rebellion had spread to all corners of their vast country. And I quote Subcommandante Marcos stating: "There will be no peace until there is justice."� During Zapatas 1910 revolution, the constitution was drawn up with Article 27, thereby giving the land to those who worked it. When the NAFTA agreement passed into law, the government erased such aricle which guaranteed these land rights. By doing so, it lead the way for modifications of ejidos or communal landholdings. Big International companies thought it as a cake walk. They felt that they would just go around, pick out what...