Batman- the Perfect Role Model

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America's fascination with comic books and cartoons filled with superheroes has created an empire of almost epic proportions. Upon my arrival in America, two of the myriad of comic book characters on offer immediately captured my attention, - Batman and Superman. I was informed by those "in the know" that Superman is the greatest superhero there is, and Batman never seems to get enough credit. After watching a great number of Batman and Superman cartoon episodes respectively, I reached the conclusion, that Superman's reputation is somewhat unfounded. Personally, I believe, that there is overwhelming evidence to support the contention that in fact Batman, who by the way, is a regular human, should be considered at least on par with Superman. It is imperative to my contention to analyze the origins of both superheroes, their reputations and their superpowers.

Shortly before the explosion of the planet of Krypton, a baby Superman was evacuated to Earth by his parent's.

He lived on a farm in Smallville with his adopted parents, who named him Clark, and raised him as their own. As he grew, under the Earth's yellow sun, he started to gain amazing powers. His Kryptonian body absorbed the sun's yellow rays (as opposed to Krypton's red sun) giving him super-strength and invulnerability, among other awesome powers. Upon coming of age Clark resolved himself to the necessity of using his powers to fight crime in the city of Metropolis. There, he created his alias Clark Kent - a reporter, to mask his true identity. He terrified his enemies and amazed the citizens of Metropolis.

It goes without saying, that Superman is in fact a great superhero. He certainly does a phenomenal job fighting crime and protecting the people of Metropolis. However, the truth that "Clark Kent, also known as Superman...