Battle of Midway.

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Battle of Midway

The Battle of Midway took place close to the Midway Islands, in June 1942. It was fought between American and Japanese aircraft carriers. American reconnaissance planes from the navy spotted Japanese army ships heading towards the Midway Islands. They observed about 185 war ships about 996 kilometers away. The Americans decided to attack on June 4, they attacked with fighter and bomber aircraft's and also three aircraft carriers.

Japan had his own plan, when the Americans were going to attack them they attacked aircraft installations on the Midway Islands. The damage caused by this attack wasn't enough to prevent the US airplanes to come back and take off again. This Japanese attack was aimed to prepare an invasion. The Attack of the Americans towards the Japanese war ships wasn't a battle of ships, in fact the ships never fired at each other, they didn't even had eye contact.

The battle was fought between Japanese and American ships, the battle ended on the night of June 6. The Americans won the battle leaving the Japanese navy with a deficit of four aircraft carriers, two cruisers, and three destroyers. They also lost 253 planes and 3,500 lives. Americans lost 150 planes and 307 lives. They also lost theYorktown aircraft carrier and one destroyer.

When the Americans won at midway, they crushed a big attempt of the Japanese to capture the islands. It also prevented an invasion to the Hawaiian Islands. This battle showed clearly that the United States had total domination in the Pacific Ocean.