Battles of the Sandinistas and how US involvement helped neither side.

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Did Anyone Win the War in Nicaragua?

Why was it that during Reagan's years as president he spent to much time, money and effort in Nicaragua, when the only thing it affected was the amount of money US companies could profit from. They post no threat of terrorism on US soil, and there were plenty of other crises in the world at the time. Why was there so much emphasis on fighting the Sandinistas? They weren't helping the soviets win the cold war, and surely didn't help get missiles into Cuba, yet were invaded by the US-backed Contras, and slaughtered by the thousands.

When Jimmy Carter was president in the middle 1970's the CIA had little reason to intervene, with the governments and various regimes of Central America. In fact, due to budget cuts, the CIA completely closed their main Central America station in El Salvador, the country historically having more corruption than any other country in Central America.

The only reason the US was involved with Nicaragua, was because they had business-ties and contracts of US companies on the line who produced products in Nicaragua, then shipped them to the US.

The Somoza Family was continually challenged militarily much before the FSLN was even a popular regime. It just so happened that each and every battle that occurred, the Somoza's overwhelmingly prevailed. In the last six months while in power, its estimated that his army slaughtered an estimated 50,000 non-violent workers and peasants. Why did they intervene when things in Nicaragua were going so well and the government was fully supported by its people, not when thousands of innocent people were getting massacred, slaughtered and raped?

The FSLN (Sandinista National Liberation Front) was made up from the widest possible spectrum of backgrounds. They had Panamanian left-wingers as...