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Why Did We Burn the Bacon? The BOP (Bay of Pigs) is one of the most well know plans for the invasion and protection from communism in the early 1960's. There were many reasons for this invasion and the most apparent one was to prevent the movement of communism into or near USA soil. Fidel Castro introduced himself into Cuban government in the late forties to early fifties and found himself dictator a few years later. When Castro took over as leader of Cuba in the mid fifties he wanted a change for his people. Fidel wanted to be a major power and protect himself from US involvement and anyone that was looking at this island as a good base for modern civilization. Castro started to gather arms and men to protect him from USA who were avid on preventing the spread of communism. This thought was told the best in the book Bay of Pigs Redux where the authors tell of how this action of gathering men and arms was a direct threat to American people (Christopher, Evens, Vistica, 161).

With these actions that Fidel was taking in his newly appointed seat as leader of Cuba, it was easy to see that there was going to be complication and actions against him to see that he kept him and his thoughts off American soil. It was only time before someone was to take charge and to see that this kind of behavior was going to stay at a stand still. Soon after President Eisenhower discovered this, he put in plans for invasion on Cuba, later to be called the Bay of Pig (Dickey, Evan, Vistica, 181). Eisenhower put into affect three parts to his invasion, which consisted of Cuban exiles, propaganda, and lastly a take over of Cuban...