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The Beatles music has moved every generation with their rhythmic sound and their intoxicating lyrics. Each song has it's own spirit and life force that radiates The Beatles unique musical talents. Throughout their short lived career they created song after song, taking their inspiration from various artists and worldly figures. The Beatles songs began to take on a new energy when they stopped touring and focused on recording in the Abbey Road Studio. Here the Beatles transformed themselves and their music into something that would grasp the world by the ears and shout that it must be heard.

In the studio each member of the band was able to relax and sit down with his ideas, taking the time to mold them into something grand. John Lennon took his inspiration for 'A Day in the Life' from the English newspaper the Daily Mail. There were two articles that intrigued John.

One was about the Guinness heir Tara Browne, who drove through some red lights at 110 mph and smashed into the back of a parked van in South Kensington. The other story was about how four thousand holes had been found in Blackburn, Lancashire. Paul McCartney also contributed to this song. He wrote the middle section using lyrics that he had intended for another song. With the lyrics in place, the real magic was about to begin.

Lennon's voice on 'A Day in the Life' was achieved with tape echo. The feed from the vocal mike would be sent into a mono tape machine. They had separate record and replay heads, so the vocals would be recording, and then you would have to take the replay and feed it back through the machine. This method of tape echo suited John's voice very well, because he has a cutting voice...