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Paul McCartney Ringo Starrkey

George Harrison John Lennon

Paul McCartney John Lennon Richard Starrkey George Harrison

How it all stared

1957 John started a group name "The Quarry men". He asked his friend stuart to join the group. Later the same year he asked paul to, to be a member of "The Quarry Men" paul brought george ho alsso played bass guitar, john said thet george was to little to be a member of "the Quarry Men" but George hade a chans to play with them when the bass guiterist was ill. Later they acept him one resen´t way they acsept him was becasuse they could play how much they wont in his house they played at different night clubs in hamburg and liverpool the groups drummer changed a lot of times john and paul was know writing their one songs they the name changed a lot of times first year, "Johnny And The Moondogs", The Silver Beatles and at last 1960 they decide to take The Beatles.

1961 brian Epstein asked if he could be ther maaneger they liked him and said yes later they herd that the real reson was because he was in loved with John Lennon. Brian was looking for a record company who wanted to promote the beatles. He asked decca , and got an audition. But decca nobed them and said no, that was the biggest mistake they ever did. After deccas reject he calle d recorproducer George Martin, who agrred a contract with parophone. The old drummer was replaced by Ringo Starr. And that was how the Beatles became The Beatlels.


John Lennon was a very successful man. He was born 9th of October 1940. John lived with his parents in Liverpool, his father was a sailor and he was never...