Beautiful Soul/This essay talks about manners and how one should behave in life.

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Beautiful Soul

People walk around aimlessly searching for a purpose in life. What does one person has to offer in this hectic and testing world? Many people ask this question every day. What can person possibly do to make a difference in anyone's life including their own? In all honesty people that art his question are asking the wrong question. They are looking at the whole picture and not taking the time to appreciate the details of the art. There may be many answers to the life long questions only these answers pertain to the details of the whole and not just the whole itself. There may be tons of questions to these details, yet in the end the details are equivalent to the whole.

A painter does not usually have the entire finished project in mind when he/she starts. They start out with a blank piece of canvas, and with every stroke of the brush adds one more detail to the soon finished whole.

That one stroke of paint adds more color and perspective to the painting. With out those strokes of detail there would be just a glob of paint. It is the same concept for people. Every day there is something that adds to ones life. Something that adds detail and purpose, even if one thinks it is small and insignificant it will always be there. Theses little details make up what a person is and who they are.

These small acts reflect as person of who they are and what they stand for. When one has a positive outlook and always finds room for other people, it is a building block of one's personality and purpose in life. These acts may confuse some people into thinking they are something other then what they really are. "Whoever...