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Ben Stein for President Melissa Merrilees

The glimmering electronic media-web that spans every sphere of our society favors candidates who are not only experienced and well connected, but also media savvy. Candidates who evolve mainly within the political niche often find themselves out of their element when entering the full glare of the media environment. Consequently, on national television, the American people are relentlessly subjected to these politicians' stiff smiles crinkling of their plastic-like faces. Now, from the cauldron of a media conglomerate, comes the consummate presidential candidate: Benjamin J. Stein. Ben has the perfect resume to be the leader of America.

First of all, Ben Stein has an amusing intellect that most Americans can attest to. This intellect was first cultivated when Ben was a young boy growing up in Washington, D.C. This intellect was first cultivated in the young Ben as he participated in activities with his father, famed economist and writer, Herbert Stein, who was chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisers, back in the Nixon administration().

Unlike most children, some of Ben's daily activities included politics and current events, such as watching the McCarthy trials on television. Stein went on to Columbia University where he graduated with honors in 1966 with an economics degree, then graduated as Valedictorian of his class in 1970 from Yale Law School.

Stein served our country as a lawyer for the Office of Legal Services during the glorious war on poverty. He was a trial lawyer for the Federal Trade Commission. At American University, U.C.S.C., and Pepperdine, Ben Stein taught among other subjects such as political affairs and social content of mass culture. Surely the toughest job he ever loved, Stein was a speechwriter and lawyer for Richard Millhouse Nixon. On a somewhat less exciting note, he also served...