The benefits of cloning

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People, animals, and the environment suffer greatly in today's world from an array of diseases and mutations. Disease takes more lives than any other cause with heart disease and cancer being the number one causes of death in the United States. Children are diagnosed and born with birth defects, which inhibits their ability to enjoy a long and normal life everyday . People around the world suffer from a lack of food. Plants and animals are going extinct from both natural occurrences and at the hands of man at an alarming rate. The world as a whole is suffering from the both natural and unnatural occurrences and the effects of burdensome demands placed upon our environment as a whole. Yet, on the horizon, there is hope and vision; a way to stop, slow down or alter some of the ill effects placed upon the living organisms of this world by both nature and ourselves.

Responsible use of cloning is the mechanism through which we can create a world with less disease, famine, and other illness. Cloning is the path to a world with more choices; healthier plants, animals, and people; and has tremendous research potential.

Many people suffer from heart disease, kidney failure, cancer, and other lethal and traumatic illnesses. According to the Center for Disease Control, heart disease was responsible for 29.6% of the deaths in the United States followed by cancer, which is responsible for 23% of the deaths in the year 2000 (National Vital Statistics Reports, Vol 50, No 16, page 13). These diseases could be stopped by taking the healthy tissues, clone them and inject them back into the mutated or damaged organ. This process would prevent the disease from continuing to damaging the organ and would also in time reverses its effects. Humans on...