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Rough Draft Berlin wall It was a cold and dark day in the cement factory. I remember it like it was only yesterday. The mixture was poured into the giant machine and I was tossed around. Finally I was poured into a square box then placed in this blasting hot oven. When i came out I could see all my brothers and sisters laying beside me in the yard, and i could see the giant red sign that read "Berlin Stone and Brick Company". It was my first day as a brick in the Soviet union owned Berlin.

Many things had been happening in the world Since I had only been sand and water. There was a huge war I was told about, in which the whole world partook in. They wanted to stop the spread of some kind of idealistic government called communism I think. Anyways I heard that a country called russia after the war became the owner of half of berlin.

This country called Russia happened to be communist. They wanted the whole country to be the same way they were, so they were starting with the countries and cities around them. Only berlin didn't want to co-operate with this spread of communism, so there was a public outcry. Russia was angered by this out cry and decided to punish the city. Only problem was how? how could they punish a city without starting another world war that they weren't ready to fight? Finally some one got the bright idea of segregating the city into the russian owned half and the other half. To do this they decided they would build a great wall, like the one in china. They would build this wall right down the middle of the city and not let anything through. No food, supplies, or anything like that and you couldn't even visit your friends.

Early in the morning of Sunday, August 13, 1961 the Russian plan to block east berlin from west berlin was set into action. I remember that night well. I was whisked away from my family and friends at the yard, and put into the back of a truck. I was then hauled off to one of the main roads connecting the two sides of the city. Very quickly, me and countless other bricks and stones were thrown together to create a massive wall that completely blocked off the road. For as far as i could see it was my brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, grant parents and parents all crammed together for the sole purpose of cutting this poor city off from the rest of the world. It was awful, The blockade was finished before the sun came up. And Thousands of berliners woke up to a horrifying site.

Only the russians didn't just stop there with a giant wall, they completely cut off trade with the city, cut all of its power, and tapped off all of the fresh clean water supplies. Berlin was truly in a sorry state and would be in a lot of trouble. Berliners were told not to worry though, word on the wall was that big brother usa was out to help them. Early in the morning of (insert date here) I heard a low humming coming from the skies. As seconds passed that low humming turned into a low buzz, about a minute later there was a tremendous roaring sound coming from above me. As i looked up all i could see were planes. there must have been a ton of them. All of a sudden the planes started dropping stuff. I tried to yell at them to tell them that they were loosing their cargo...but like most bricks i don't have a mouth. I don't even really know how I saw or heard them, but I promise you I did. As I watched patiently I saw boxes fall to the ground, and when the people opened them i saw something i hadn't seen for a while, food. The planes must have been dropping supplies for the people to have. It was truly a gift from the heavens above. The cloud that had fallen over the city was opening up and raining food for them to eat, water for them to drink, and during every christmas there was even gifts for the children.

As the wall came down in 1989 there was the feeling of victory held by all democratic thinking people. The fact that russia took down the wall was almost like they were admitting their defeat in the cold war. That is why when the wall came down it was the end of the cold war. I was scooped up by some guy as soon as the wall came down. I sat in a closet for about 11 years beside some old shoes and a tee-shirt the guy had that he never wore. Then one day light was shone upon that closet, he picked me up and kissed the side of me and told me that i was going to make him rich off of something called ebay what ever that was.