The Best Years of Our Lives

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The Best Years of Our Lives

The Best Years of Our Lives is a very good and intriguing movie it is not your typical war movie instead it is a movie that shows you how the soldiers adjusted to life as they became regular citizens. As the movie depicts very well it was not an easy transition for the soldiers.

The story focuses on three main soldiers, I don't remember their names so one will be the disabled the other will be the banker and the last guy will be the newlywed.

Now I think that the disabled had it the worst, because he had to go back to everyone without arms or hands. He adjusted to the hooks they gave them very well, but it took him a while to adjust to being looked upon as a handicapped person. However his girl still loved him and his family supported him so in the end everything worked out for him.

The banker had it a little easier, but it was still rough. He came back to his family and everybody kind of changed on him. One of the main ways he adjusted was by drinking; I think he developed a drinking problem when he returned. However, he got his good job at the bank back and he finally fit in with his family after a while. The newlywed, and the main character had it rough, but in the end I think that it worked out the best for him. He came home to his new wife that pretty much didn't care about him. All she was interested in was his money. Everything was going all right with them until he ran out of money and had to go back to the drug store, then you saw her real feelings and...