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In the Holy Bible, teachings guide all types of human beings to a better understanding of life. Many of these verses reach out to man through teachings of human nature and how to create society's moral values. A personal favorite verse that may reach out to every man and not just those who practice the Judaeo - Christian religions is :

' The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, nor

shall the children be put to death for the fathers; every man

shall be put to death for his own sin. ' ( Deuteronomy p178, vs.16)

because it tells of a rule that every man should live by - it demands justice to isolate the criminal and thereby shield any innocent relative of any unjust punishment. This is illustrated in the United States justice system and how society punishes it's wrongdoers.

This verse delivers the message that every man, despite size, color, religious preference, or personal background, should assume responsibility for his actions.

Throughout time men who have entered the courthouses scattering the United States, like the colorful leaves scattered across peoples' yards during autumn, have pleaded innocence - blaming parents and their unjust upbringing. They scream to the jury that it really wasn't their fault, but the fault of their parents because if they had a perfect childhood then they wouldn't have committed the crime. It is true that the values that children develop in their early years are important in influencing future decisions but how does this explain the many adults that climb above their horrible childhood and become successful happy individuals. This proves that the individual is in charge of his every move and every action in life - he is in charge of his own destiny. Sin is never forced upon anyone...