The Bid Depositoy of Newfoundland

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Bid Depository

The Newfoundland and Labrador bid depository is in place to improve tendering practices in the construction industry. The bid depository receives all sealed bids from both trade contractor and general contractors. It also ensures that the bids and tenders and completed accurately. This ensures fairness and good faith for all contractors and is in the best interest of owners, architects, engineers, and contractors.

The Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Association which manage the bid depository have offices in St. John's, Gander, Grand Falls/ Windsor and Corner Brook which is under the guidance of Joint Advisory Council.

The Joint Advisory Council consists between one to three members from the following associations:

*Newfoundland Association of Architects

*Associations of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Newfoundland

*Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Association (Both General and Trade Contractors)

*Tender Calling Authority

The Secretary of the Bid Depository will meet with architects, owners, contractors, etc.

during the bidding period. Once the bidding period is over all tenders are received and transmitted by the NLCA. If a project falls under a separate contract system, each individual contract is classified under Specification Section Number.

Any and all tender received by the bid depository must be placed on a official BD-2 tender form and be placed in the official envelope which come from the NLCA. Each of the tender forms must be used by a trade contractor for each general contractor he wishes to receive a quotation from. The tender forms have three identical copies. There uses are as follows:

-Pink copy: Prime Contractor

-Green copy: Bid Depository

-Yellow copy: Trade Contractor

Unless otherwise specified, the bid depository shall not receive tender forms any later than 12:00pm two days before the end of the prime tender. The tender forms shall be received in a large white envelope and...