The Big Four and the War in Iraq

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The war in Iraq has become a controversial issue in the United States. Many are opposed and even more want the troops to come home. How did the war start? There were four big players that played a major role in starting the conflict, according to the article that was published in Time Magazine, and it made clear who those four people were and the impact they had in the Iraqi conflict.

I want to start with the most important of the 'big four', George W. Bush. The President of the United States is the biggest contributor to the war. He is the main reason why the war got started. As the commander-in-chief, he had the power and the reasons (Saddam Hussein, WMDs) to motivate the country and 'make the world safe for democracy".

Vice President Dick Cheney is another driving force in the war effort. According to the article, Cheney was against any occupation in Iraq during Saddam's 'attack' on Kuwait.

Dave Gribbin, Cheney's closest aide at the Pentagon said in the article that Cheney promised that "occupying Iraq wasn't in the deal." Cheney just wanted to get Saddam out of Kuwait, while keeping him in power. However, Cheney's view of Saddam Hussein changed after September 11, and he decided that Saddam must be removed no matter what.

Sec'y of State, Colin Powell, was without any doubt the most reluctant in going to war against Iraq. He was aware that Iraq was violating many of the UN sanctions, however, he thought that the US was successful in containing Saddam, and "keeping him in his box", according to the article. Powell insisted that the war should be fought with an international backing, and he was the one who influenced the President to talk with the United Nations and try to...