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Part A - Individual Income Tax

2a) I am a level 2 Bartender who works 36 hours a week part time I am currently earning an income of $17.98 (per hour) I am working 36 hours a week.

36x17.98= $647.15

My current weekly income is $647.15 per week.

b) My annual Gross income is my weekly income X 52 (52 weeks per year) = $647.15 X 52 = $33651.8 my annual Gross income is $33,651.8

Q3) D2

Work related travel expenses to and from work/venue

And if I am required to drive to bottle shop to pick up supplies if the do not get delivered.

To do this this I would be using my own car/fuel, which I pay for, I would be able to claim it back from tax as a work related travel expense.

Ordinary Engine

Rotary Engine

Cents Per KM

1, 600cc or less (1.6 litre of less)

800cc or less

63 cents

1, 601 to 2, 600cc (Over 1.6 and up to 2.5 litre)

801 - 1, 300cc

74 cents

2, 601cc and over (Over 2.6 litre)

1, 301cc and over

75 cents

Distance travelled for buying supplies = 20km

Cents per KM travelled= 75 cents

Money Owed = KM driven x cents per km

= 20 x 75 = 1500 cents

1500/100 = $15

D5 Other work related expenses

Purchasing a book on how to mix drinks,

As a level 2 bartender I am required to have knowledge on how to mix drinks and keep up to date with the latest drinks so that I can meet the customers/employers requirements.

I will be purchasing this book with my own money, I am able to claim it back on tax. Which is $11.57

D3 Laundry

As a bartender I have been given work clothes and required...