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Biodiversity is very important to our world. Biodiversity means a biological diversity in an environment as an indication by the numbers of different species of plants and animals. The preservations and the zoos have lots of comparison and contraction within those two areas. While the human populations are increasing, many people wonder about the preservation and if there is enough in this world today. Also if the human populations increase, then there is a possible consequence to the food web on the Serengeti, if any particular species, will disappear.

The zoos and the preservations can be different or the same. The zoos take cares of animals when they need help and feed them with nutrition, while the preservation let the animals eat others animals or plants and on one is taking care of it when they get hurt. The zoos are in a section of a room and they have different animals all over the world.

Then the preservation have a certain species in different area of they will not survive. Both places are helping the life balance out with the human population. Both have also have a number of species that they can have. Therefore the zoos and the preservation can be the same or it can be different.

With the human population are increasing by the moment, I don't think there is a lot of preservation in the world today. The African wild life will be instinct if the human populations are increases a lot, there for the balance of life will be ruined. I think that we instead of stopping human population from growing (even though I don't know how they will do that), we should save animals and stop making so much building for our goods, but to make more preservation and try to collect...