Biography and Criticisms of Ernest Hemingway

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Ernest Hemingway

At 8:00 am on July 21, 1899 in an old house in Oak Park, Illinois, a literary legend was

born. Ernest Hemingway spent his childhood days outside, fishing or canoeing. Growing up with

four sisters influenced his actions and attitude toward women throughout his life, causing him to

treat all of his wives playfully and competitively as though they were his sisters. Clarence "Ed"

Edmonds Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway's father, was a medical practitioner in Oak Park.

Hemingway's mother, Grace Hall, was a great musician and music teacher. While his father

wanted him to do something science-related and his mother wanted him to be a professional

violin cellist, Ernest Hemingway had an idea of his own. He had already begun to develop his

writing at his high school, Oak Park and River Forest Township High School. Many of his stories

were published in the school literary magazine, Tabula, and the school paper, the Trapeze.


was somewhat of an anti-intellectual, so he tried to play a lot of sports. Despite his one bad eye,

inherited from his mother, he was excellent at rifle marksmanship scoring 112 out of 150 points at

a range of 20 yards. Hitting a growth spurt his junior year, Hemingway played football, swam,

was the captain of the water basketball squad, and boxed well. Although he did not attend a

university, he did give a speech as class prophet at his high school graduation.

After high school, Hemingway began to pursue his writing career. He moved to Kansas

City to begin work on the Kansas City Star. However, his job got rather monotonous, so looking

for something new, Hemingway became a volunteer for the American Red Cross. He did

everything from recovering human remains to driving an ambulance. One night, while on canteen

duty, shots...