Biography of Indira Ghandi

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Indira Gandhi was a women of courage and strength in a country that has been known to be very repressive toward women. In this society like most of the world for its time, women were only seen as wives, sisters, and mothers. Women had a social status that was below men. In India's society is blood tries are passed down through the male side of the family or patrilinear. Women in India were often forced to live in seclusion, having limited mobility. In India there are many different religions; Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Muslim etc., and a caste system (social class system) in which you are born into for life. Many women had little or no rights and were taught to be submissive to their husbands. There is a high rate of female infanticide, because many of the families in India didn't want to have female children; males; would continue their family name, could vote or be elected to office, men had a social acceptance.

Economically this huge county was being savagely stripped of its natural resources (iron, coal, bauxite, lead, and tin) and agricultural resources (grain, rice, wheat, sugar, cotton, tea) by the imperialistic England. During World War II England enlisted thousands of men from India, to help fight the war in Africa. Many patriotic men who opposed English control, began to organize themselves in order to fight for their independence. In 1947 India would gain their independence for England . The true test was yet to come, because gaining independence was only the first step. India would have to take several more steps, all in which would be very difficult. India's new government would be very similar to England's, both having a democratic government, parliament, and a prime minister.

Indira's father Jawarharlal Nehru, was a political leader who fought...