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Kaiser Wilhelm II is related to Queen Victoria, Frederick the Great, Catherine the great, Czar Nicholas II, Emperor Wilhelm I, and is often compared to Adolf Hitler.

Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert was born on January 27th, 1857 in Potsdam Germany. He was the oldest son of Frederick III and Victoria, daughter of Queen Victoria. When his mother gave birth to him he had a damaged left arm, the limb never grew to full size. Some historians believe that it was the cause of his behaviour.

The baby who had suffered such a traumatic start grew up to be a troubled, hyperactive and difficult child and later a disturbed and a cruel man. Another theory to his behaviour is the side effects from the use of chloroform, together with prolonged oxygen starvation at birth, witch makes some historians believe he had brain damage, although it is impossible to prove. Many contemporaries of Kaiser certainly worried about the emperor's mental state, his rages and mood swings.

Some historians said that even his best friend, Philipp Eulenburg, said that Wilhelm's nerves were strained.

Wilhelm was a well educated man first he attended Kassel Gymnasium and then at the University of Bonn.

Wilhelm's life was consistent with the historical period because he helped Germany become one of the most industrialized nation in Europe during the industrial revolution. Probably because of Wilhelm's devotion toward the military and warfare creating more jobs, such as military positions and ammunition production. He was also was Monarch and monarchs were more common in his time period, about 100 years ago.

Wilhelm's relationship with his parents grew distant as he grew older, mainly because of his mother not accepting his left arm and often expressed her bitterness toward his disability. However he accepted it, he even learned how to...