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The deplition of funds for Russian biotechnology labs have put many countries at risk, especially the United States of America. The video takes us into restricted Russian labratories, which noone from the U.S. goverment has ever been allowed to enter before, especially with cameras. These labratories, which were once used for producing highly dangerous biological weapons. The chemical properties of already deadly viruses were altered to create even more dangerous viruses that were ment to be used against America. The U.S. goverment fears that because all the funds for these biotech scientists were removed the only way they will be able to sustain their lifestyles is to sell there knoweledge of deadly toxins to terrorist republics. After investigating a few of the still running Russian biotech facilities it was realized just how desperate these scientists are for funds and would undertake any project that would be profitable. Even though the Russian scientists said that they no longer were intrested in producing any harmful viruses but were only intrested in aiding people, the U.S.

goverment did not trust the scientists. They realized that the only way that they could prevent the Russian scientists from aiding terrorist countries is to either offer them jobs within the U.S. scientific department or to offer them funds to undertake projects to find cures for some of todays most dangerous viruses. Ofcourse, this would prove to be too costly of a project to reinforce and the U.S. goverment were not too trusting of the Russian scientists. If funds were given to an entire organization they did not have enough reinforcement that the money would be used for what was agreed on. For every cure that is produced there is also the potential for a deadlier version of the virus to be produced. If through...