The Birth of Christianity

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Until the birth of Jesus Christ, for as far back as man can recall, there has been one undying religion, Judaism. This religion was based on the Hebrew Bible and the people were believed to be the descendants of Abraham. It was believed that Jesus was born of a virgin mother; he was the self-proclaimed Son of God. This declaration was considered blasphemy, punishable by death. And, as was customary in that era, Jesus was crucified.

According to the gospel accounts, after death, a wealthy Jewish disciple placed the body in a guarded tomb. Three days later, some women went to visit the body only to discover an empty tomb. The gospels go on to describe numerous reports of appearances of the risen Christ to various disciples.

In about 50 to 60 CE, Saul, a Pharisee tentmaker, while searching for followers of Jesus to imprison, encountered a light brighter than the sun and heard Jesus' voice appointing him to do the opposite.

Saul was transformed and baptized under a new name, Paul. Through Paul the word of Christianity began to spread.

Through the word of the gospel, stories were revealed about the miraculous work and the teachings of Jesus. It was these amazing chronicles that attracted followers and made the new Christian religion so appealing.

There were many accounts of healing by Jesus laying hands on the sick. "After he had come down from the hill he was followed by a great crowd. And now a leper approached him, bowed low, and said, 'Sir, if only you will, you can cleanse me.' Jesus stretched out his hand, touched him, and said, 'Indeed I will; be clean again.' And his leprosy was cured immediately." (Matthew 8)

In addition to the healing power, Jesus was tender and loving. He wanted...