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Allison Kenny Mrs. Klosz

Final Exam 1/24/14

M&M's Chocolate Bar

The product I did is the M&M's Chocolate Bar. Its milk chocolate with mini M&M's on top in a bar size. It is a 1.5 oz candy bar divided into eight sections perfect for sharing or just a treat for you. Now instead of eating just chocolate and M&M's separately, you can enjoy both at the same time! I chose this product because I enjoy this product so I know what it is and such.

Target Market-

The M&M's website only allows people over the age of 13 to look on their website because they believe that people of that age can make good choices with the right consumption of their candy. The M&M Chocolate Bar is only available in the U.S. right now. I would like it to be available where the other M&M products are sold so then we can see if it's as successful as the other products and if not, why.


The slogan I created for this product is "Give Your Taste Buds a Treat." I chose this slogan because this bar is really a treat. Chocolate AND M&M's in one bar!? That's awesome. I think this candy bar is really delicious. Although some people may disagree with the taste/ slogan of this product, I think most will enjoy it.


I'm going to sell this...